When TV is your best asset

Advertising is about reaching your target audience and making sure that viewers recognize your brand, understand its message and what it has to offer. Advertising is also about encouraging people to take action (searching your products/services, buying). The most effective way to check all the boxes is still today TV. Stats on ROI and Brand Awareness are still in favor of using TV as medium of communication. You'll reach more people at once and more often if you choose to advertise with commercials or paid segment/programming.

For local and small businesses, I recommend news segments which sometimes are paid segments. They are more affordable than a flight of TV commercials and they give a chance to your brand/service to address hundreds of thousands of people. It's about making your brand trustworthy and part of the community. When you do that, you reach far more results in terms of sales and brand awareness, and you do it faster. The other recommendation is to blend TV and digital together within your media plan. In particular if you're a local business. Positioning your message and call-to-actions on the internet on top of communicating on TV will support and maintain your growth and revenues. Take the example of car dealerships, they are regional networks, they advertise on TV and advertise on dedicated platforms on the internet. When you look for a car, you'll visit some internet platforms and you'll recognize dealerships that you saw on TV.

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