Launching a new business or expanding a small one often means frustration and headaches regarding marketing budget. What if you spend all this money, recruit for it and nothing happens?

It's where Integrated Marketing Agencies come into play. Instead of spending on recruitment, structural growth, digital tools, clouds services and advertising spaces (on top of that), you focus on campaign implementation and the IMA team does the rest for you. Cost of labor are integrated to the budget and that will be a very limited amount of hours compared to the cost of a new team of marketing specialists. It is more effective for you in terms of Return On Investment (ROI) to spend the money on the exposure (campaign implementation and frequency of exposure) than the structural needs of your company (recruitment, cloud services etc). The more your potential clients notice you, the better, it's called brand building and brand awareness. In addition, the IMA will take care of the strategy for you, we are professionals, so we can tell you where to position your ads, product, service and brand to reach your goals. Not only you save money but you also reach results faster because your marketing and media activity is taken care by experts.


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