Strategic Partnerships to grow your business

Strategic partnerships are critical to grow your business. They allow your new business to connect with more people, more decision makers and each of your offers is backed by another business (you look more serious now!). Choose well your partner. The things you have to look for into a strategic partner are: does he/she have the same audience (target audience) than you? Are his/her clients similar to the type of clients you're looking for (small businesses, government agencies, non-profits, Fortune 500)? For how long this partner has been in business and what are the long term opportunities for your business? Let's say that you provide a service that is complementary to what your partner sells, and this partner can't provide it to his/her clients but there is a demand, then it makes sense to work with this person. You can find new clients by proposing your services to the network of clients your partner holds. Your partner can also integrate your offers to his/her marketing presentations (prints, website, forms, social media pages). An agreement can be found on how this partner will benefit from this partnership with you: commission, margin, client acquisition and retention, be creative! Prepare your marketing forms with information about this business partnership, this will increase trust. We naturally tend to give business to people who are already working for/with other businesses.


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