Think about Paris for a romantic getaway? Think again!

When you think about a Romantic getaway you easily refer to Europe. But what about those beautiful American country villages that we can see in Hallmark movies?

Occoquan VA in Prince William county, 25 miles South of DC is just that! It won't be crowded like Paris (unless you plan to visit during the famous Art and Crafts show).

But you'll find French crepes and romantic diners just like in France. You'll savor a glass of wine and a musical concert on the river, just like you'd do it in Paris. Occoquan is the Old Town Woodbridge is missing. For nostalgic hearts, many old buildings remain intact and testify of the different American history periods, from native Americans to British colonies and the Civil War. The town exhibits old pictures of the early 1900's in Mill street. When you'll see them you will realize how this cute little town used to be active and entertained.

Right behind you will be Rockledge Manor, you'll think you are in French Brittany but then you'll see old stores typical of the US far-west at the time of the gold rush. Occoquan is a reconciliation of all the different cultural influences the US received at birth. If you're planning beyond the romantic week-end, you'll find all you need for your wedding planner in town, bridal dresses by a local designer: Rockledge Manor for the party, the river and the park to make incredible pictures and a large choice of known bakers and caterers. Save time and money on the flight tickets, visit Occoquan in Prince William county VA!

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