A journey is made of more than getting there, the natural and historical landmarks encountered on your way are fundamental steps to appreciate the bigger picture.

When you see something with your own eyes, you can feel it with your own heart and mind, that's building significant souvenirs and later you can say: "I've been there."

Prince William parks and wetlands are a pure invitation to your outdoor and environmentalist senses.

Let's not forget the Civil War battlefields, the historic buildings and the National Museum of the United States Navy. Prince William county is the perfect gateway to connect as a family and share deep moments of observation on our history and environment. Great Time! What are you doing next week-end? Ready for an adventure camp with your kids? Want to know more about the wild life around us? Visit our parks and museums, Prince William county is like none other county around here. Did you know that Prince William forest was actually scene of military training (watch the OSS videos linked below)?

Now your turn! Get there, take pictures and share them with us, tell us how it made you feel to see our wild life and/or historic places.

#princewilliamcountyvirginia #INITIATORYJOURNEY

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