Something is terribly missing during wine festivals! Puff Pastries!

In Prince William County, we've got parks, golf clubs, rivers, beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities, we also have vineyards, wine producers and testings, but I've always wondered why festivals were not a bit more.... decadent? When puff pastries could actually bring more people together and highlight those events!

Let's face it, drinking wine will make us happy but a bit drowsy as well. How to drive back home safely? I'm not trying to find excuses to eat a tone of pastries here (the word DIET is all over my head right now) but pleasing our sweet tooth at the same time would make the all experience safer and.... unforgettable! Look at these beautiful puff pastries, who can resist?! Who wouldn't like to share these? Delicious food is an effective way to engage social media followers. Bakeries, Moms and families will bake their favorites and share them on the internet. Traffic will engage on Likes and Tweets and Pinterest posts just because puff pastries look and taste good!

When you think about content and engagement, think about teasing the appetite, and open the door to comments, shared images and recipes. Launch a competition or testing events, who's not proud to show his/her best pastry?


#puffpatries #wineandpastryfestival #princewilliamcountyvirginia

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