Small Budget and Local Advertising Tips part 2/2

Brands with smaller budgets looking to grow their retail distribution or business activity should work with local newspapers that can be found for free in public transportation or with a level of circulation/subscription beyond 100,000 daily or weekly, in their area. Advertising for a full month is the best way to go. If the newspaper is actually a local monthly press magazine, don't do it unless you plan to advertise for several issues, or you won't get any return at all. This kind of campaign should cost somewhere between 15k$ and 23k$, altogether, advertising spaces and production of the advertising material included (our agency implements it with professional photographer, studio etc....).

When local businesses can go beyond and afford a budget between 60k$ and 150k$, TV advertising with local ads spaces on ABC, Fox, Fox News, CNN or any other network, is a great idea. But keep in mind that, in order to be effective and get a return on investment, your advertising operation must be an aggressive "call to action" with an attractive offer and a social media/internet lead management fully organized behind. You're looking for a client's acquisition and retention strategy within the all operation/campaign. Obtaining email addresses and/or distributing coupons inside your product packaging will help you reach that goal. Contact us for more details: 202 509 7859 or


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