When to Use the Press dedicated to Women?

Press in not always the best choice, when it comes to budget and results. Titles can be really expensive and the circulation is not always neat or well measured. It's hard to know for sure the profiles/demographics your reaching at each and every issue.

First rule is, when you advertise in the press, you should never do it at random, make sure you actually appear in several issues. The second rule is, make the visibility sort of "institutional". Your brand and/or your message have to translate a luxury or premium quality business/product.

That's why we see lots of advertising for luxury brands and cosmetics in the press.

Three, the content of the information must give an evidence of the scientific background and seriousness of the company/business.

If I synthesize, you can choose the press as a brand awarness tool when your goal is to build a brand image on the long run and on an institutional brand image. I've inserted an add from a press campaign for AVEENO. We all recognize Jennifer Aniston. There are 3 great componants here, the personality carrying the brand (recognized for her good and healthy taste when it comes to fitness and beauty), the beauty of her skin and the "green" side of it, the plant inspired product. Everything in this message is about a healthy skin. AVEENO will keep advertising in the press magazines because women read them. And even if we're not sure of the demographics when the magazine circulates, we understand the seriousness of the brand, we actually accept it. Appearing again and again in the press for women makes your brand and product look serious. It's that simple! That's the impact you can expect. Press for women is generally perceived as reliable and serious: Allure, Cosmopolitan etc....

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