Our main advice is to analyse your market and your audience before you purchase any advertising spaces and advertising tools.

Who's going to buy your product? And where these buyers are going to look for it?

In stores? In catalogs? On the internet?

You have 2 ways to improve your visibility and activate your sales, locally, as a B2C business, you can choose to print, and when I say Print, I'm talking about flyers, coupons, cards and local press and/or you can choose to use internet and social media, so when people look for a product or a service, they can find you. Social media won't be enough to activate sales, you'll have to launch some offers, coupons and reasons to come to you on the local market.

That's why it is critical to work with local titles, local prints and local partners to drain more clientele to you. For instance, you open a new fitness center. A coupon and a flyer, inviting your neighborhood for a Grand-Opening are the right way to launch your business. The coupon will be an insert in the local newspapers or magazines, the flyer will be distributed in the mail boxes of your neighborhood. If you open a business such as a grocery store, then a weekly add distributed either in a promotional print, either in residential mail boxes, will attract clients to you.

If you launch a B2B activity, then you'll have to build listings of companies (clients and/or partners) that you'll identify as your pipelines (for leads generation).

Then you'll have to spend lots of time in outbound calls, and as soon as you've got your first clients, and a bit of budget, you'll recruit sales persons, brokers or marketers, who'll generate even more leads and sales for you. Always update and adjust your sales strategy by targeting your audience and observing how your competitors sell.

A baker sells lots of pastries if his/her pastries are delicious, the bakery clean and attractive, and the price similar to what you'll find elsewhere on the market. What would you do as a client if you wanted to buy a good lemon pie? You'll buy something tasty and something you trust, in a place that is convenient and not ruining your budget.....A business owner should always think as one of his potential clients. Also, don't forget that lots of people will search on Bing, Yahoo or Google to find a provider nearby: grocery store, backery, car repair service, plumber.... So, you have to create profiles on the internet (Yelp, Manta, Yahoo search etc...). Contact us for a free consultation! P:202 509 7859

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