TV Still the Best ROI Media

We have a lot of small businesses among our clients, and some others are bigger companies, like airways companies but with small advertising budgets. There is always a more affordable way to advertise, like internet. Nevertheless, if you compare the results on your sales and fame, TV remains the best Media of all.

The tourism industry can trade flight tickets in exchange for advertisins spaces for instance, this is how we find a better way for them to be on TV. We implement this a lot with France Televisions (in France) for instance.

Our agency also provides a financing program combined with a "Call-to-Action" strategy so your good to get calls, visitors and buyers.

Note that in studies of average response rate, it's important to be seen at least 7 times by the same person and your target audience, in order to be remembered and searched.

#TVcampaign #ROI #Responserate

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