Sales Activation & Distribution

of your products/items



We consider as a MUST for any Marketing and Advertising agency to drive their client to their first sales (start up) and growth (existing companies). That's why we study carefully their market, partners and buyers before implementing any marketing and digital strategy .


For some activities, the sale activation can be really simple, it will go through flyers and events, that's the case for Fitness centers (for instance). When you open a fitness center, you need to make circulate flyers, locally, and invite your neighborhood to a "grand opening". That's the most affordable way to do it, we can also advertise a coupon on local newspapers, TV and radio stations. It's a bigger budget, but also more return on investment.



Here we're talking about distribution to retail stores and online stores. We analyse and select the right distribution channel to grow your business (KEHE, THRESHOLD etc...). We also help you with: pricing policy, coupon policy, consumers reviews, competition case studies, shipping, bonds, import/export and warehouse services etc... You may need a special software and different types of order forms to allow stores and distributors to buy from youi easily. We provide all the support required to get ready for that.


For imported brands, additional regulations can apply to your products before their retail distribution will be possible (FDA, logistic, warehouse....), we help you with all those things. Part of our distribution activity is Brand/Sales Management as well as paralegal/administrative services.

Brokers will be an important and effective part of your sales in the USA. We work with a network of successful brokers nationwide. Contact us for more information: 202 509 7859 or