Social media, Digital advertising and Digital marketing are the most recommended marketing tools for small businesses and growing brand.

Depending on your objectives and commercial targets, B2B or B2C, different protocols will be followed.


For instance, when we combine marketing and distribution, a big part of our strategy will be to get the brand involved with retailers: online coupons, advertising on local newspapers and weekly ads.... 

We recommend our clients with small budgets to launch communiques and invites to taste their products on the web. These actions will make the brand name pops up on research engines, when people look for their category of products and/or brand. We also recommend to advertise on blogs (with an attractive traffic/profile of visitors) and to build lists of clients/contacts (we do it for you). 


Lead listings are very important to develop for B2B businesses too. We implement Marketing automation strategies: using social media, CRMs (like Marketo, Salesforce or DataConnect) and both mailing - emailing offers. Partnership with blogs, online press magazines and APPS can be very effective, depending on the kind of products you sell.

When advertisers have more budgets, we advertise on Yahoo, Bing, Google, Facebook and Tweeter. We create articles and we sponsored post them on sites attracting the right visitors to built the community and clientele in demand of your service/product.

Call or email us for more information. Our strategies and implementation are built on a case by case basis, a financing is sometimes available. P: 202 509 7859 -