Press Magazine, Daily and Local Newspapers


Press Magazines are dedicated to a target audience, it is very important to know their circulation and the profile of their readers.

We advertise in the press and we are data driven about it. Coupons and special offers would be more appropriate for a local campaign. Depending on what you sell and what you offer, there is a print targeting your audience and profile of clientele but there is a right way to do it, again we're looking for results in term of Sales, Brand Image and Brand Awarness.

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Public Relation Services or PRs


This is a fundamental department for any brand. The reason is, as a business, you propose your services or products to consumers and the public is entitled to get answers about them. Sometimes, by curiousity for a new product, sometimes for safety or healthcare concerns. It's also a major step from a business or a brand to provide information to the public. Consider it as a transparency move and a critical pillar of your brand awarness strategy. The way you handel public relations says a lot about the future of your business.

There are many ways to run or implement a Public Relation dpt/strategy

A start-up should always elect either the founder either the senior sales executive to be the speaker for the company or the product. We shall never forget the objective of selling.

For a small business still in development, the CEO/Founder will still be the right spokesperson but combined with a dedicated mkg/pr department, in charge of making circulate communiques and information, either in the press either on the internet.